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Valew Equipment Trailer Specifications:

Capable of concentrated loads of 80,000lbs distributed gross combined truck and trailer

Bed approximate overall dimensions 102” wide x 48’ long

10’ Front Deck, 30’ main deck, Front 8’ of main deck hydraulically tilts up to upper deck level and manual locks into position, 6” drop

Low load angle, with air suspension deflated load angle is approximately 10 – 11 degrees

8’ Main tail with 4’ flip tail, unfolds to a 12’ approach

Tail lift / carry capacity is 20,000 lbs 5’ aft of main tail hinge

Hardened hinge pins on folding main deck and flip tail sections for greater durability

3/16” Hardox perforated steel traction material on tail, flip tail, and over

wheel areas in rear

Hardwood floor on main deck areas

(2) Tool boxes 1 each side upper deck front, (2) Tool boxes 1 each side in rear tail area

16” Exterior main beams, alternating 8” and 10” I-Beams as well

Cross members on 12” centers

25,000lbs axles with air ride suspension

16 ply low pro tires on steel

ABS anti-skid braking system

2” Holland kingpin on 3/8” kingpin plate

Aeroquip hoses, fittings, and quick coupler connections

Front mounted manual controls driver side

(2) - 5” Hydraulic lift cylinders, (1) - 4” Hydraulic fold out cylinder, and

(2) - Hydraulic locking cylinders

20,000 lb winch with manual control driver side, and 4 Function wireless remote

Chain slots down both sides, and Recessed D-rings for tying down loads

Air weigh trailer scale

Heavy Duty landing gear

Operator assist deck step and handle

Capable of ground loading or off low docks

Truck-lite sealed wiring and lighting, and 3M conspicuity tape

Rear pull out safety lighting

Raptor grip paint on rear front and rear deck areas, as well as over the wheel wells

Primer and Painted White in color